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What is Downtown Like in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Hotel ReservationsWhat is Downtown Like in Las Vegas?
The best part of downtown Las Vegas is Fremont Street Experience, a pedestrian mall and attraction venue on the five westernmost blocks of Fremont Street and some adjacent streets. Four of Fremont Street’s blocks, part of the area called Glitter Gulch, have a barrel vault canopy 1500-feet long and 90-feet high. Las Vegas is known for never turning off outside casino lights, with one exception. The bright outside lights of all building under the canopy, including those of the casinos, are off during the sound and light show on Fremont Street’s Viva Vision screens.
Travel down Fremont Street on the SlotZilla Zip Line. Designed to resemble a slot machine, the lower level of the zip line is 77 feet above the street. The upper level zip line is 114 feet up. Adventurous people fly on the upper zip line in a prone position — think Superman flying over the streets of Metropolis.
Enjoy free concerts held on three stages under the Fremont Street canopy. There are no seats. Find a wall against which to lean.

Downtown Container Park
Offbeat shopping center built from shipping containers, plus galleries & courtyard with playground.

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