Fremont Hotel Casino

Fremont Hotel Casino

My stay at Fremont Hotel, While the experience wasn’t unpleasant and by no means uncomfortable there were several things that I noticed while staying at the Fremont Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas that needs improvement and wanted to post this review for their attention and for the awareness of future visitors and I will go through it in a sectional manner to the best of my abilities. I’ve stayed in a few hotels so I do have some other experiences under my belt.
The first is the guest rooms, and to any handicapped visitors I will say the casino and hotel rooms are not that large. While myself and my girlfriend had our own room and being of able body, my mother is in need of a wheelchair or a walker and her fiancé needs a wheelchair, the doorway is large just enough for the large push chair they alternate between but with only enough space to push the chair up to the corner of the bed. Luckily they can walk short distances for the most part unassisted and this is just one room, though both of our rooms were the same size. The room’s safe is not very large and was mounted in the ‘closet’ behind the door. It’s done with a key left in the lock for you to lock your valuables up, but again it is not very sizeable but it did work for what we needed, however a safe with in one of the end tables would have been nicer. The bed is also large, very nice and roomie though I will say it may be time to update the mattress as it was quite firm, but that is an subjective view as I enjoy a bit softer bed. Lastly the windows in the room are not very sound proof; the sounds of the city come through. It’s nice from time to time with hearing the Freemont Experience leak though, but with the Paramedics driving through, taxi cabs blaring their horns, and party goers having fun it does make resting hard, keeping in mind I was on the Eighth floor. A double pained window would not be amiss to help keep the sounds out so that guests on their ‘staycation’ could enjoy the quite peace of their room.
The TV in the room is a nice flat screen, though the selection of channels is very low. I did not order any movies, though they seemed to have some good choices through their preview channel, as my girlfriend and I were content to watch TV and just talk, my mother and her fiancé were also content with their channels for the most part. However we both agreed there should be more choices. Now most would say you aren’t supposed to spend all day in your room, but there are people who do and the choice should be there. Also the TV does not support going to the input channel, I think this should be allowed. I had brought my console so that I and my girlfriend could watch our brought movies together and thinking about other visitors who bring their own DVD player they should be permitted to hook their device up to watch their movies on the larger screen. Again, I do know that most people go down to gamble and that’s the general thought but the option to watch your own brought movies, or play your own brought games for the ‘staycation’ type should be there.
Next up is the bathroom, it was clean though some of the fixture’s ‘paint’ was peeling in sink but that is not the two things I’d like to being up. First is that the bathroom is rather small, the rack holding the hand towels and bath towels is located in the shower its self, though in the back. If I had angled the shower head up to high I would have had wet towels and the like. The shower pressure was nice and the temperature was perfect, the hot water came on quickly and the tub was a decent size for me to lie down and soak for a few minutes. But the toilet is low to the ground, my mother has bad knees and needed to call me down to her room several times for me to go in and pick her up. The toilet is also ‘kiddy cornered’ in the bathroom right in front of the door, she ended up just making trips down to the lobby and use the public bathroom as it was equipped to be used unassisted.
I would like to talk about the check in and check out process. It was very simple and very well for our experiences. Check in took a few minutes and the attendant was very helpful. A request for a room close to the elevator for my mother and it was no trouble, and having a coffee pot brought up so they could drink their own coffee when they desired. Check out was equally painless, there was the express check out option in the room on the TV, but both times we simply went down and spoke to the front desk and were cleared with no trouble at all.
Lastly, I promise, are the food options. The Freemont Hotel has several restaurant options though I’ve only eaten at two and I would like to discuss them. The first, and most used, is the Lanai Express. It’s a very ‘local’ restaurant in the terms of being a Hawaiian style restaurant, and being from the islands myself, it was no problem. The menu was nice and had wonderful options that reminded me of a strange mix between L&L Hawaiian BBQ and a Panda Express. The only ‘issue’ I found with the restaurant is that they are closed from 7 to 11 in the morning. Breakfast is served from 12-7 which is fine for the average gambler and the other breakfast option would be Dunkin Donuts. The other location I ate, and have eaten before, was the Paradise Café in the Buffet. They do have a plate food style, but I went for the buffet. Friday, and wed I do believe, are all seafood days and my family and I had crab and oysters. But that was not all they offered, they did have a roast option, a small mix of American, Italian, and Mexican things beyond the standards of salad and a wide deserts.
Over all I would say that the experience was well enough, the hotel does show her age for being a Downtown hotel but that isn’t a ‘bad’ thing. Though I would love to see the Freemont be updated a bit and a very light remodel of the rooms to improve on a few ‘dated’ things. The housekeeping, though fairly well, did miss a few things while vacuuming and could perhaps have their equipment checked or updated. But if I had to assign a number to this stay, with a 5 being perfect, I would say it was about a 3, average and could use a few updates here and there.

Fremont Hotel Casino
200 Fremont Street Las Vegas, Nevada
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Located on Fremont Street, this downtown Las Vegas hotel is in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience. This Las Vegas hotel and casino features a free shuttle to the Las Vegas Strip for guest convenience.A flat-screen cable TV is available in all guest rooms at the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Styled in crisp white linens, this room is furnished in modern dark wood furnishings and subtle coloured accents.The Second Street Grill, offering American Cuisine with a Pacific Rim influence, is located at the hotel. Paradise Buffet and Café, featuring a weekend champagne brunch, is also available. Various other restaurants are located at the hotel for guest enjoyment.A 24-hour reception welcomes guests to Hotel and Casino Fremont. The spacious lobby features high ceilings, modern decor and lounge seating

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