Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

This is a updated review based on a recent trip after some renovations at the hotel.

TLDR: Fantastic hotel with exceptional service, but recent renovations to the pool will be a deal maker for some and a deal breaker for others.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Location 5/5
The FS is tucked away inside of the Mandalay, occupying floors 35-39, but it’s an entirely separate entity with it’s own lobby, entrance, check in, and amenities. However, it is accessible from the Mandalay hotel/casino via a discreet keycarded door just off the Mandalay lobby or via a nondescript hallway in the basement floor. What this gets you is accessibility to the fun, restaurants, and free parking of the Mandalay (accessible off Frank Sinatra Dr), but when you’re ready to get away, it’s completely quiet and serene.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas 5/5
Recent renovations to the lobby have added the Press Bar, which I think is a great addition. The bar added a previously missing vibrancy to the lobby. Everything throughout the hotel was in tip-top shape. No tired carpet or furniture here.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Rooms 4.5/5
Also recently renovated with new carpet, wallpaper, furniture, and fixtures. Décor was contemporary with just a hint of boutique chic. Bed was super comfortable. Shower had great water pressure. Separate tub and shower. Separate toilet area with door.

I only have one very minor quibble about the rooms. While spacious for a hotel room in general, standard rooms are actually a bit on the small side for a FS hotel, and certainly for rooms at this class/price in Vegas. There was an armchair and desk, but not enough room for a sofa. Bathrooms have only one vanity.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Service 5/5
Impeccable. This is why you stay at the FS. I’ve pretty much stayed at all the 5 star hotels on the strip at some point or other, and absolutely no one provides the service like the FS. They know what you want before you do. If there are any issues, they are instantly resolved. Housekeeping was on the ball the entire trip.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Poolside Service 5/5
We come to Vegas for a ‘stay by the pool and do nothing’ type vacation. Poolside service was beyond impeccable and without a doubt is the best poolside service of any Vegas hotel I’ve stayed and probably the best anywhere. We had a major issue with the pool reno, and the poolside attendants saved the trip. They are well trained, truly concerned about your happiness, and frankly worth their weight in gold. Give them all raises.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Poolside 3/5
Okay, here’s where the renovations fell flat for us. Now this is a very personal matter, and the issue may or not be a problem for you.

The FS has its own private pool, separate from the Mandalay, although you also have access to the Mandalay – best of both world. Chairs are padded and very comfortable.

There are now 7 private cabanas that have been added. These can be rented for $300+ per day (depending on day and size). Cabanas have seating, a TV, and additional pool chairs for sun. There seemed to be 2 sizes to choose from. On Saturday 5/7 were occupied and 0-2 were occupied during the weekdays. Personally, I don’t get the appeal at a place like the FS where the pool seating is already comfortable and the service is top notch, but obviously people like them.

So now the issue. In adding the cabanas, they removed seating areas and pergolas from the back of the pool and from a courtyard to the side. In essence, they’ve done 2 things. First, you’ve lost quite a bit of seating. Not really an issue on the weekdays, but the pool area feels more claustrophobic on the busy weekends.

Second, they’ve removed all the previously persistent shade from the pool area without adding anything in return. No umbrellas. No new pergolas or canvas awnings. Nada. Up until 1 pm, there is a good amount of shade provided by the building itself. Between 1 and 4 pm, there are exactly 4 chairs that have shade from trees, which are different from the AM locations. After 4 pm there are about 10 chairs. Times will obviously change during the summer, but don’t expect much sun protection in the afternoon at this pool anymore, and at the very least, you’ll have to move around throughout the day to get it.

For us, this is a major deal breaker. I like being poolside, but I don’t want to roast (can’t imagine what this will be like in the summer). On the other hand, if you’re a devout sun worshipper, don’t use the pool much in the afternoon, or are fond of renting cabanas, the changes may be a nonissue or a positive.

That said, the pool attendants were fabulous and did what they could to mitigate things. It wasn’t a huge issue during the week we were there, but certainly could be on busier weeks or the weekends.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas Fees 1/5
Just had to put this in here because resort fees are just a huge pet peeve of mine. This is becoming more common on the strip, and I understand why it’s there. But I don’t have to like it or reward it. I just think that resort fees are a dishonest way of hiding the true price of the room rate. If I don’t use the services the fee pays for, I shouldn’t have to pay it. Since it’s an inescapable mandatory fee, just put it in the price. The FS is already among the most expensive properties on the strip. An extra $29 isn’t going to scare a FS customer away. Anyway, the $29 fee pays for WiFi, local and 800 phone calls (not long distance), and the coffee/tea maker in your room. So basically, anyone with a cell phone shouldn’t have to pay the fees, but c’est la vie and welcome to modern hotel management.

Free parking at the Mandalay self park

You can use the Mandalay spa for $25/day which frankly has better spa facilities (hot tub, steam, and sauna). You can room charge to the FS from any MGM resort property (FS is owned by MGM, but managed by the FS company).

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
3960 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV

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Million-dollar views of the Las Vegas strip combine with a serene atmosphere at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, which boasts a relaxing spa and outdoor pool, an extensive fitness center and two top-notch restaurants. Occupying five floors of the 44-story Mandalay Bay, the Four Seasons Las Vegas is a peaceful sanctuary. Each of the hotel’s 424 rooms and suites features floor-to-ceiling windows with dazzling vistas of the city lights. The truly decadent amenities include marble bathrooms with soaking tubs and beds made up in down pillows and duvets. Living areas accommodate overstuffed chairs, 42-inch flat-panel TVs, CD and DVD players and docks for electronic devices. All of them have coffee and tea service and refrigerated private bars, and non-smoking rooms are available. The hotel’s expansive heated pool surrounds a lushly landscaped garden, a view that can also be enjoyed from the state-of-the-art fitness center.

Map to the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas and the Strip

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