Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

2pm : The self check in was nice. Walk into the room and everything seemed nice. I could not get the TV to turn on with the remote in the room. I walked over to get better lighting and we had the biggest issue turning on the lights on the bed tables, one did not work. Around 5pm I decide to take a shower and walk over to the restroom and could not figure out how to turn on the lights in the bathroom. I tried everything. My girlfriend tried too and nothing. We were running late for dinner at CUT the steakhouse in Flamingo. I turn on the flashlight on my cell to make light in the restroom. Next thing I hear is my Girl friend turning on the shower and this huge loud bang and I notice the shower head just flew off the top and my GF freaking out trying to stop the flow of water ended up getting everything wet. She has placed her dress on the counter on the restroom and it got all wet. I shut off the water and place the shower head back into place. My GF is mad and all wet. She decides to leave and I go down stair to check out. Our plans were ruined. Head over to check out, and I tell the clerk the room was a mess. They say its is 55+ resort fee. I get mad because I barely used the room and point out hey dont you think it is weir dI am checking out 3 hours after I get the room. She leaves to talk to the hotel reservation manager and he waives the fee. She checks me out…I was shocked no one took the time to even notice what had happened or even bother to say hey I noticed you leaving so soon. I then asked her is anyone going to talk to me to check what was wrong? she says no…I walk away mad. Take a breather. come back and asked for a complaint form. At that time it was a man and he says I will be the complaint form. SO I tell him what had happened. He noticed that the hotel resort fee was waved and mentions hey you talked to someone already. I say no, he takes my story and says let me check on the other Supervisor, the one that waived the fee. He eventually calls him. He comes back and asks if I want a room upgrade…I was likes shocked, that should have been the first thing offered to me or even a different room. But by that time my GF was so mad she wanted to leave and not go to the steakhouse she just wanted to go home and cry. I say no I just want to leave but wanted to let them know that room was a disappointment, I know I am not a top player or anything to them but I should still matter. The manager asks for a minute and comes back and says I am crediting everything back to your card. But all tha could have been avoided if the clerk that checked me out payed attention or offered a different room. I will never go back, I got what I paid for a cheap room for a cheap price from a cheap company that would bother replacing a shower head.

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This resort on the Las Vegas Strip features a Caribbean-style pool and wildlife habitat. It offers a spa, 77,000-square foot casino and Margaritaville restaurant along with spacious rooms.Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino boasts a state-of-the-art gym. The outdoor pool provides waterfalls, a water slide and adults-only area. The casino offers slots and table games.

Flamingo Las Vegas
3555 LAS Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV

Map to the Flamingo Hotel And Casino and the Las Vegas Strip

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