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Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Moment u land at Las Vegas you see slot machine everywhere and then we checked in to Aria huge hotel beautiful strip view and that casino is mind boggling.So you cross the casino and get in your room. If you are shopoholic than you have the mall right their else dont forget to go to premium outlet mall which s like 20 min taxi usher ride from Aria and shop till you drop.You will be lost in the hotel and the strip its so beautiful and the music they play is all in your mind.Must place to visit before you die and stay at this hotel to enjoy the 7 star luxury !!

Perhaps naively we arrived at the Aria and checked in fine. However on walking through the hotel to the guest elevators you are forced to make your way through the vast amount of gaming tables and slot machines where everyone is smoking.

We had no idea that smoking was allowed in hotels in LV until we experienced the Arias design and layout. Clearly the hotel wish to make an enormous amount of profit from their gaming operation at the expense of other guests who wish to stay at the hotel and do not not smoke.

We were informed that the air conditioning system in the hotel was designed to extract all cigarette smoke. From our experience that was the case in other high end hotels clearly not the Aria.

If you only wished to have a drink all the bars are situated around the gaming operation.

All of the above is such a shame the hotel once on the elevators is fantastic with high end rooms comfortable and well designed.

That is once you have been allocated a room where guests had previously not smoked in their room. The first room 15109 we were given had a disgusting smell of stale tobacco. With the help of house keeping we were allocated another room 15102 which was fine.

But is you smoke in the room it is a $500 fine something the management turn a blind eye to if the guests are gaming extensively other wise the first room allocated would have been off limits to further guests until refurbished.

Hotels in LV are incredible and in this day and age when smoking is so frowned upon surely they can provide areas for non smoking guests as well.

In comparison Caesars Palace also allow smoking but the air conditioning system must be far more effective plus they have designed the hotel to accommodate non smokers as well with restaurants and bars in areas where no one smokes.

We enjoyed staying in LV, it certainly was an experience the highlight being the Maverick Helicopter trip to the Gran Canyon not the smoky public areas in the Aria

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Aria Resort And Casino
3730 S LAS Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV

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Natural light floods both the lobby and all 4,004 rooms, each with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. The resort’s 16 restaurants feature innovative menus inspired by the air, land and sea. The resort’s three pools are open to hotel guests only.

The hotel sits in the center of The Strip with plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment within arm’s reach

Map to the Aria Resort And Casino and the Las Vegas Strip

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