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Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Room
Aria Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Room

The room has a nice feature when you walk in and the curtains open, lights turn on & music starts playing.  The bathroom set up was small and strange and had me feeling a little claustrophobic.  The bath tub was in the walk in shower which made a bath uncomfortable if someone showered before. It felt like taking a bath in a steam room.  We had a decent view. Breakfast to the hotel room was around an hour wait… An hour wait for specifically two glasses or orange juice, a quart of coffee, and two oatmeals. If you’re ordering breakfast in the morning and have somewhere to be, set an alarm for 2 hours before you have to head out and take a nap in between the time your order gets there.  The set up is definitely more of a hotel-feel if that’s what you’re going for.  Maybe I’m picky but I was not a fan walking in with snacks in birds eye view. It just looked tacky.  I much prefer the condo-based rooms in the Vdara.

The positive however is the fact you can call valet to have your car ready when you arrive to pick it up from the room.  Very convenient! I also loved the feature next to your bed with a “good night” button that shuts all the lights off/closes the curtains so you don’t have to get up. Every hotel should have this! Lol.

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Aria Resort And Casino
3730 S LAS Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV

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Natural light floods both the lobby and all 4,004 rooms, each with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. The resort’s 16 restaurants feature innovative menus inspired by the air, land and sea. The resort’s three pools are open to hotel guests only.

The hotel sits in the center of The Strip with plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment within arm’s reach

Map to the Aria Resort And Casino and the Las Vegas Strip

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